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Where Sound judgement and Sound advice leads to Sound health insurance decisions.


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About us

SIBG works with every major insurance carrier so as we discuss your needs and budget we can come up with a plan that’s tailored to your unique health care requirements. ​​

Our brokers are licensed, certified with the carriers and have passed extensive state and carrier background checks which enables us to prudently act as a true fiduciary on your behalf.

Interstate Florida 95


Annuities are kind of like that drive down 95 South to Florida before there was GPS and direction Aps on your cell phone.

Group Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining employees, especially at a time when COVID-19 is constantly at the forefront. With the labor supply tight and pressure on wages increasing good health insurance offerings are a critical part of your compensation package.


Individual and
Family Health
Insurance Plans

If one of the people at SIBG showed up to your job site, office, maybe your house for a cooking class or to play your favorite sport chances are we wouldn’t understand half the acronyms or words and phrases you use.


You can click on any tab below for more details and when you are ready we strongly encourage you to call! That’s our job, we live and breath Medicare and whether you go with SIBG or not please call. 

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