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Annuities are kind of like that drive down 95 South to Florida before there was GPS and direction Aps on your cell phone. 

You had to break out the maps, it could be a little confusing, you had to come up with a plan to get where you wanted to go. 

However, it was worth the trip (even that stop at South of the Border) because like the drive to Florida, an Annuity is a means to an end. 

At SIBG we only sell Fixed Index Annuities because they are safe, they help protect the principal you worked so hard to build up, and they can be a guaranteed source of income. 

When you invested during your working years you didn’t put all your money in one stock, you diversified your portfolio. 

Based on your risk tolerance you probably had a few approaches, 401K, Stocks, IRA’s, Mutual funds and maybe an annuity or two.  

SIBG will sit down with you and discuss your goals and investment strategy. 


We take a consultative approach, meaning we listen to what you’re trying to accomplish and then present Fixed Index Annuities that will make that happen. 


And we do mean that WILL accomplish your goals, you’ve probably heard the saying, you buy an annuity for what it Will do, not what it might do.

Reasons people buy Fixed Index Annuities 

Principal Protection

Maybe you are getting close to retirement, maybe you’ve made some nice gains in a bull market and you are thinking you want to protect some of that money.

When you retire you stop earning that pay check (thanks captain obvious) and generating income is not so easy.  


You want a safe, guaranteed return, a Fixed Index Annuity is just that, and there are many options we can present.

Guaranteed Income

Peace of Mind

Or the pillow factor, you go to bed at night and you don’t have to worry about your life savings tied up in the stock market being cut in half if something happens. 


If you are at a stage in life where your income is not as resilient as it used to be, an annuity might make a lot of sense.

In the state of Maryland the Maryland Insurance Administration regulates Fixed Index Annuities and therefore the companies that sell them. 


There are things like a Free Look Period, where the state mandates that if you change your mind and want to cancel the contract you can no questions asked.

State Regulation

Tax Deferred Growth, Diversify your portfolio, Contractual Guarantees and many more reasons we can discuss. 

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