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You can click on any tab below for more details and when you are ready we strongly encourage you to call! That’s our job, we live and breath Medicare and whether you go with SIBG or not please call. 

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SIBG thinks there are two stages in the Medicare process, stage one, picking the right plan. Stage two, which is just as important, SUPPORT navigating the confusion of claims, denials, drug formularies and doctor bills that come out of nowhere. Anyone can sell you a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan but SIBG is a phone call away when you need help.

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We’ll discuss your needs, doctors, prescriptions, Part A, Part B, Part D, the differences in a Medicare Supplement plan and a Medicare Advantage plan and much more.

We provide a welcome package (mailed and emailed) the SIBG Summary Package to start and annually.


The summary is a listing of your exact plan name, insurance carrier, doctors, pharmacy, prescriptions, our contact information, a detailed list of everything should your spouse or children need the info.


Quarterly we’ll review your Medicare Summary Notice.


Annually we’ll review your Annual Notice of Change, your Evidence of Coverage and of course the plan benefits them self.


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